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A low calorie alternative to beer & wine. Drink with Sence.

4.5% Alcohol . Low Carb . Low Calorie . Gluten Free . Vegan . #MakesSence

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Sence Hard Seltzer is sparkling natural spring water with an essence of purified alcohol and an essence of natural fruit extract.

  • 4.5% ALC/VOL
  • 0-2g carbs
  • gluten free
  • fully recylclable
  • 5x flavours
  • 79-95 calories
  • vegan friendly
  • drink anywhere, anytime

Sence provides you with a guilt free alternative for a beer, some say a more fashionable version of a Vodka Soda. Enjoy straight from the sleek 330ml ready-to-drink can or as a mixer to your cocktail (…for that turbo effect).

Discover Our Flavours

All natural, 4.5% alcoholic sparkling water with a fruit essence.

Simple Ingredients

Crafted by hand using our unique essential essence™ process & only the finest natural ingredients. Delicious. Refreshing. Sence Hard Seltzer. It Makes Sence.

Natural Spring Water

Purified Sence Alcohol

Natural Fruit Extract

Our Story

From hitting the gym hard to drinking in the summer rays, everyday we strive to enjoy life at our best.

That’s why we invented Sence.

Because getting hold of a drink that is alcoholic and leaves us feeling refreshed, is impossible.

We want to banish the guilt trips of a big night out by creating something that tastes great & leaves you with no regrets.

Hitting the US, our founder stumbled across the Hard Seltzer craze. But this alcoholic alternative to Beer (or other booze) needed an upgrade. Working on flavours we managed to make something refreshing, all natural, low carb, low calorie & that tastes amazing.

If you want something to enjoy from festival fields to playful parties, sun-dipped rooftops to fabulous Friday’s - Sence has it all.

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Delicious. Refreshing. It Makes Sence.

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Taste each fruit flavour! Lemon Lime,...


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Enjoy 12x Sence Hard Seltzer crafted by hand using our unique Essential...


fully recylclable

gluten free

vegan friendly

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